Swinhay was established from a project management background in the public and private sectors. Today it is recognised for quality residential and commercial projects ranging from new build commissions to stunning conversions and classic restorations.  The team’s expertise and commitment to detail ensures timely, on-budget completions that exceed expectations.

Project Management

Swinhay was founded by a team from a project management background in the public and private sectors.  A clear focus on quality, timescales and budgets is inherent in our business. Couple that with our proactive, hands-on approach and understanding of contractors’ needs and Project Management becomes Project Excellence.



Our residential design and build team works closely with clients to ensure no detail is overlooked and every project is not only successful but enjoyable too.  Read more…


IMG_4569_Cotswold Farm Shop

Commercial clients are demanding.  We understand that, and we respect it.  It’s where our project management expertise comes to the fore.  Read more…

New Builds

Who we are

Every new build is a great adventure and we want our clients to experience the excitement and satisfaction we thrive on ourselves.  Read more…

Conversions & Refurbishments


Sensitivity is key when it comes to transforming an established property.  Read more…

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